6_W HA0NAR At the school of Bongobo Black and white in Senegal

Flowers of West-Africa Harbour of Bongobo (Jeta Island) Harbour of Caio

Harbour of Caio J5NAR mobile Mangrove

On the way to Jeta Island Operation from Jeta Island Susanne and Laci in Senegal

Tiny crocodile My favorite fruit

GALLERY (2010 - West-Africa 6W/HA0NAR and J5NAR)

GALLERY (2009 - FW5RE operation)

Looking to the North from FW5RE HA9RE Eli and HA9SDA Sara with 160 kgs of luggage FW5RE QTH

The HF6V installed FW5RE station setup Relay box repaired

Wallis kids A Dacia on Wallis Island! A local helper at FW5RE

The Spiderbeam at FW5RE Laci HA0NAR assembling the 24m vertical 24m tall vertical on the beach at FW5RE

Laci HA0NAR after working the first 222 stations on 80 meters FW5RE's host Manuele Sara HA9SDA operating 20 RTTY

HA9RE Eli at one of the FW5RE operating positions The vertical on the beach at low tide Real radio shack

Windy Antenna fixing after storm